Trump Days: On the Immigration Ban of Jan 28, 2017

The United States is not a fascist country. Trump is not our dictator. It is dangerous to suggest otherwise. His administration is, and will continue to be, circumscribed by rule of law and by the will of the people. Our judges, politicians, activists and individual citizens have the right and the ability to stand up to policies that disgrace our nation. Our allies have the ability. As long as there are principled people in high and low places, this will continue to be the case. We can impact our direction.

We must continue to believe in our stated principles and endeavor to live them. We must not be persuaded by fear, anger or insecurity to support immoral policies. No executive order will protect us from violence. No scraping of basic human rights will save the nation. Acceding to immoral laws IS the disaster. It destroys us from within and what we accept for the other reverberates into the historical record as our shame.

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