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Testing the hold a community has on its resources

For some communities, high stakes testing is an unnatural disaster…. It’s a means for quietly but efficiently  transferring wealth away from public schools and into private hands… this is euphemistically called #choice but it is really the choice of no choice. … Continue reading

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Don’t Collaborate through Sabotage

I just finished reading Timothy Slekar’s post It’s Not Cheating It’s Sabotage in the Huff.  And I must disagree with the notion that we can acceptably change answers in a random way to discredit the test.  Such an action only … Continue reading

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The One Right Answer

Every summer, I revamp my curriculum.   It’s not that I don’t already have a curriculum that works, but every year I can think of things I’d like to do differently or did something differently the past year that I’d like … Continue reading

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