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Testing the hold a community has on its resources

For some communities, high stakes testing is an unnatural disaster…. It’s a means for quietly but efficiently  transferring wealth away from public schools and into private hands… this is euphemistically called #choice but it is really the choice of no choice. … Continue reading

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We feel the time is not right.

Derrell Bradford, executive vice president of 50CAN, thinks the teacher strikes happening all over the country are unseemly and distasteful.  He thinks teachers should not model striking for fair wages and funding. After all, they are too college educated to engage in a dirty, blue collar, line … Continue reading

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Responding to people responding to me responding to Robert Pondiscio

Responding to your comment requires more than a tweet. I don’t know if we’re in disagreement. It depends a lot on definition and on course of action. We may disagree about what creativity is, what proficiency is and what we need to … Continue reading

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You Need to Show Me

It wasn’t a surprise when Betsy DeVos observed teachers “waiting to be told what they have to do.” If there was anything surprising it was that she bothered to comment on it.   It marked her as an outsider.  Everyone … Continue reading

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A Brave New Word

            Personalization is the newest word because when you’re marketing a new product, new words are needed and the right wording is everything. If you’re thinking that there’s something decidedly impersonal about personalization, you’re right; it … Continue reading

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The One Right Answer

First Principle: There is often more than one right answer and more than one way to get to a right answer. Depending on the kind of answers we’re looking for, your answer can be right even when it is different … Continue reading

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A Meditation on Grit

I believe in the principles of delayed gratification, teaching people to sustain effort through parts of a task that may be boring or difficult.  I agree that we do not sufficiently prepare for it.  It isn’t necessary that all work … Continue reading

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What do I love about teaching for #30DaysReflectResist

This was written for #30DaysReflectResist Day 5: What do I love about teaching? I love working with ideas and language. I love publishing… finding ways for students to display what they’ve created from their understanding: a video, a magazine, a … Continue reading

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Remediating the Numbers

According to Out of Pocket, writers, Mary Nguyen Barry & Michael Dannenberg, writing for Education Reform Now (ERN), American education isn’t making the grade.  Their premise is that students from all income levels have need for college level remediation courses arguably because … Continue reading

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What the high stakes test tests best

As society continues to debate the policy of publicly flogging teachers and schools with the scores of their children (starting at the age of five), and as parents consider whether or not to allow the state to so use their … Continue reading

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